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Yesterday, while surfing Youtube, I came across a video on baking dark chocolate brownies at home. The irresistible delight of seeing the chocolate pulp rise in the oven into an airy ball of dough conjured in my mind the sweet aroma of a bakery, leaving my drooling mouth desperate to chomp down one of those scrumptious treats. It is incredible that watching a short video can leave us with a complete experience. How can a simple visual exposure stimulate our gustatory and olfactory senses as well? The answer is as simple as it is complex: memory.


A brain engineered from metal. An outlandish concept established by sci-fi movies. Before we know it, the artificial mind evolves to possess a conscience and develops an undeterred hatred for the human race, leaving us embroiled in a precarious robot takeover. Man vs. Machine. Laser shooters. Perilous explosions. Is this all a bit much? Perhaps. However, we may truly be on the verge of a breakthrough allowing us to construct the artificial mind from scratch.