We really appreciate your interest in joining our bunch! From our events to our social media to our budget, The Brain Bunch relies on individuals like yourself to make our initiatives possible. We have many tasks available and your role can be as vast as you desire. We really value the time our volunteers dedicate to our organization.

The Brain Bunch is a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, a federal award distinguishing members of the community that provide significant contributions to society. As a certifying organization, we will honor our most dedicated volunteers with this distinction.

Please look below to see the ways in which you can serve the Brain Bunch as a volunteer.

Become an Active Volunteer: Active Volunteers are the essential members for the day to day running of the Brain Bunch. They help with organizing various events, maintaining the website, and/or monitoring finances. If you would like to become an active volunteer, please share with us your name, you desired duties, and your schedule by contacting us below.

Become a Single Event Volunteer: Single event volunteers are essential members for running a Brain Bunch event. They help us with organizing and running the various events. If you would like to become a single event volunteer, please choose your preferred event on the Calendar at the Home Page. Then, share with us your name, the event in which you would like to volunteer, and any additional information by contacting us below.

Thank you so much for your support! Please click here to communicate your interest in volunteering